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Madison memorabilia, 1796-1951 ;
Madison memorabilia
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1796-1951 ;
  • Contains miscellaneous items actually or apparently related to James Madison. None of Madison's papers are included
  • Contents for Series I include: For folder 1. letter from James Madison Sr. to Tho. Macon, 1796 + typed transcript. Original pasted onto cardboard sheet with envelope and clippings of proverbs. Fading ink at the top states: This letter was written to my great grandfather by his father-in-law my great great grandfather. Corrie B.M. Hill." Folder 2. Copies of John P. Madison's genealogical working papers, 35 pgs., with 1951 cover letter to Dr. Gifford, Dean, Madison College, from Mildred Mitchell Madison. Folder 3. 5 envelopes to S.P. Duke, Madison College President, with 4 cent Madison stamps canceled at 5 post offices relevant to Madison, on 1st day of issue, July 1, 1938, or shortly thereafter
  • Contents for Series II include: For folder 4. Three items: Postcard of girl & boy in early American dress: Note on back indicates that the dress belonged to Sally Catlett Madison, wife of Tho. Macon. Two identical photographs (1 tinted, 1 B&W), 8 X 10", of Corrie Hill of Culpeper, Va., 1940. Folder 5. Two engravings: James Madison, by W.A. Wilmer from print by Edwin after original portrait by G. Stuart. Probably pulled from a book; D.T. Madison, by J.F.E. Prudhomme, drawn by J. Herring after J Wood. Six framed items (not in folders): three 10 1/2 X 8" reprod. of Madison portraits: engr., from original by Chappel; engr. by W. Wel1stood from original by G. Stuart; etching by A. Rosenthal from G. Stuart. Two 5 3/4 X 7 3/4": engr. by J. Prudhomme of Dolly Madison; portrait of James Madison by G. Stuart and H.B. Hall Jr. Photograph, 10 1/2 X 12 1/2", of Montpelier before renovation, B&W, frame in poor condition, from C. Hill in 1940
  • Contents from Series III., Flat box l: Folder 1. six items: letters patent, 2 pages, parchment. Granted to Samuel Gragg 1808 for elastic chair, signed by T. Jefferson, Pres., & J. Madison, Sec'y of State. Letter of Commission, 1 p., Joseph Kean to second lieut., June 1, 1810. Letter from Robert Brent, Paymaster of U.S. Army, to Pres. J. Madison, Aug. 15, 1810. Check for $200, Aug. 4, 1813, to A.B. or bearer, signed by J. Madison. Letter of Commission, 1 p., Joseph Kean to capt., Feb. 1, 1815, and Letter of Commission, 1 p., A. McFarland to 3d lieut., May 1, 1815, both signed by J. Madison. Belonging to folder 1 but hanging in frame on south side of north post in Rm. 205: Letter to F.H. Dillingham, June 22, 1801
  • Contents from Series IV: Folder 2. 2 items: July 21, 1812 Liberty Hall, v. 8, no. 400 (contains text of an act approved by J. Madison regarding capture & seizure of "public ships of war of the United States"); Dec. 3, 1836 National Intelligencer, v. 37, no. 5382, with eulogy on J. Madison by J.Q. Adams; six issues of Niles' Weekly Register, issued between 1813 and 1821
  • Contents from Series V: 8 items; lancet with short blade at one end and red box with green plus lining; Indian Peace Medal presented by Pres. J. Madison in 1809 to an Indian chief for his efforts toward peace; 76 mm., silver; Medal with bust in honor of J. Madison; 35 mm., uncirc., bronze; pistol, 13 1/2", pocket knife, pearl-handled, most of 14 blades broken or missing (initial M scratched on both sides of handle); saltcellar, broken on one side, chipped in several places; scales, box and four weights (box in poor repair); and spyglass, inscribed on inside tube: W. Harris Holborn London Day or Night (loose lens)
Biographical or historical data
James Madison, fourth president of the United States was born at Port Conway, Va. in 1750/51 and died at Montpelier, his home, in Orange County, Va. in 1836. He is primarily known as the architect of the U.S. Constitution, Secretary of State under Jefferson, and president during the War of 1812.
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Madison memorabilia
Also referred to as the James Madison memorabilia
Series I. Miscellaneous materials (Folders 1-3); Series II. Illustrative materials (Folders 4-5 + 6 framed items); Series III. Documents signed by James Madison (Folder 1 + letter hanging in frame in Special Collections); Series IV. Newspapers (Folder 2); Series V. Artifacts.
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